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We hold the position of the Pomona CA area's most dependable dryer repair service.

Our company has served the Pomona CA area for many years and prides itself in being a fair and reliable solution for any dryer repair problems.

We stick by these claims in all of our practices. Our service is kept as simplified and time-sensitive as possible. You will recognize this based on how we operate. With any dryer repair in Pomona CA, we follow these steps:

  • Arrange appointment by phone.
  • Send technician to your home.
  • Determine which dryer parts need replaced.
  • Set an estimate amount for the job.
  • Obtain dryer parts in Pomona CA.
  • Install parts and test machine.

That's what our service boils down to and we keep it fair as well. This is because we follow the Major Appliance Service National Price Guide for the cost of labor and dryer parts when creating your estimate. We also charge you only what we pay, which is sometimes a discount given our frequent shopping at appliance parts distributors.

Our dedication to providing quality and fair services is why we hope you consider us for your dryer repair in Pomona CA. We are a Pomona dryer repair company that knows how difficult appliance repair problems can be on your schedule and daily life, especially if you have kids, so we try to make it easier on you.

Help us to help you by calling us and scheduling an appointment today. We will send out a technician to your home at the earliest time that works for you so your appliance problems can be put behind you.

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Helpful Appliance Repair Tips

Chances are, you probably keep on top of the dryer lint tray and empty it every load or two. However, you probably aren't making as much of an effort to keep lint buildups as you could be. A good approach is to work from the outside in when cleaning out the vents. You just have to gently lift the vent flap and remove everything that's accessible. Keep in mind, rodents and other creatures can sometimes take over this vent, which is an even worse situation, and contacting animal control would be necessary if you run into this problem.


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